Theatre LILA has been presenting professional theatre productions since the company was founded in New York City in 2004. Since transplanting the company to Madison in 2013, they have been able to gather some of the best theatre artists in the state to collaborate and create new works with us. The company is led by professional theatre artists with the skill sets and forward thinking needed to create these inventive works and connect with the community. Theatre LILA’s education and outreach mission is to provide equitable access for K-12 students to experience Theatre LILA productions and participate in storytelling theatre workshops to expand and develop their writing, creativity, leadership and collaboration skills. Specifically, UW-Madison will fund their Racial Equity Initiative. First, they will hire and develop artists of color to work on stage and off-stage as actors, musicians, dancers, writers and designers. Next, the project will provide resources to attract and bring diverse groups of people to the theatre,the next generation of theatre- goers, including elementary, secondary and university students. Finally, through their outreach workshops and in-school artists residencies, they will bring LILA theatre classes into Madison classrooms to supplement and enhance current curriculum.