In general, the Clubhouse serves as a place where special needs youth can go to relax, have fun, and socialize with those who are like them. At any given time, there are usually 25-35 youth using the amenities of the Clubhouse, and currently, there are 53 members. The Clubhouse provides a recreational, activity-focused center that can provide educational and social growth for special needs youth in Tarrant County through a variety of programs focused on the organization’s mantra of €œsocialization not vegetation.€ Programs have expanded to include after-school, day-care, summer programs, and holiday programs. They are always open when a family caregiver has work and therefore nowhere for their disabled child to go. The Clubhouse provides athletic, outdoors, gaming, crafting, and educational opportunities to its members. In addition, the organization provides many summer field trip opportunities when they can, based on limited transportation opportunities. Last summer, they averaged about three field trips per week with visits to local museums, theaters, libraries, aquariums, pools, and farms.