Voices for Children

The majority (62%) of the Texas A&M Spring 2016 Class found their $1,000 grant to Voices for Children to be a mistake, and the remaining 38% determined that the grant was a good decision with a bad outcome. Students attirbuted their negative feedback to the organization’s inability to continue the program donated to, as well as their low commitment to the program. Voices for Children works to improve the lives of children in foster care through volunteer advocacy. The organization does this by providing trained community volunteers for every child assigned to the program through the court. The grant was designated for the Unlimited Potential program, to offer mentorship workshops for foster children aging out of the system and their mentors to work side-by-side. However, due to leadership change in the organization, this program was discontinued. Evaluators felt that this grant was a last minute decision deserving of additional scrutiny and ultimately a mistake.