The Baylor Spring 2017 Class’s evaluation found that 89% of sudents voted their $8,300 grant to UnBound to be a good decision with a good outcome because the portion of the grant used for a tablet greatly assisted Unbound in their trainings. 11% of the class decided the grant was a good decision with a bad outcome because the portion used for CaseWorthy technology did not perform as expected. UnBound is an organization whose purpose is to fight human trafficking both domestically and internationally. The grant went towards two projects: a case management system called CaseWorthy, which would better encrypt and centralize all their caseload information for survivors of human trafficking, and an electronic tablet to aid UnBound workers in the trainings. The tablet grant proved to be very successful in facilitating trainings, but unfortunately CaseWorthy software proved not to be flexible enough for the needs of the organization and was ultimately abandoned for other solutions.