The Nashville Food Project

The Vanderbilt Spring 2016 Class found their $17,891 grant to the Nashville Food Project to be a good decision with a good outcome at a vote of 80%, which can be attributed to the growth of the organization. However, 20% of the class deemed the grant to be a good decision with a bad outcome because of the lack of specific information regarding funds. The Nashville Food Project (TNFP) a community food project that brings people together to grow, cook, and share nourishing food. The grant supplemented TNFP’s general operating budget, allowing them to refocus their objectives from reactive to proactive strategies. Since the grant was made, TNFP went from 9 staff members to 21, their budget has grown from $746,000 to over $1.6 million, they grew almost 60,000 pounds of produce in their own gardens and served over 150,000 meals.