The Montrose Center

The Rice Spring 2017 Class’s evaluation of their $10,000 grant to The Montrose Center was divided in half between finding it to be a good decision with a good outcome or a good decision with a bad outcome. Some students were concerned with who was managing their donation or wished they had clearer information regarding the use of the donation. The Montrose Center aims to empower the LGBTQ+ community in enjoying healthier, more fulfilling lives. The grant went towards the creation of a sexual violence shelter where victims would be connected with social workers to help them create action plans, and the shelter had provided care for 20 people at the time of the evaluation. Half of the evaluators felt the outcome was bad because they were unable to get into contact with the proper administrators to do a follow up site visit. They attributed this to turnover in leadership and general non-responsiveness on the part of the organization.