Children’s Relief International

The majority (81%) of Texas A&M University’s Spring 2017 Class found their grant to Children’s Relief International to be a good decision with a good outcome because funds were utilized as intended and produced great impacts in the target demographic. However, 13% of the class said the grant was a good decision with a bad outcome, and the remaining 6% deemed the grant to be a mistake due to the organization’s inability to provide a timeline or budget for the project along with issues involving a staff member. Children’s Relief International serves in many parts of the world through education, nutrition, clean water, housing, rescue, and more. They were funded $15,085 for Phase 1 of building their Spark of Hope Resource Center. Phase 1 included the main building of the center, which houses a computer resource room, library, office, meeting room, dining hall/kitchen, bathrooms, and a storage shed/water tower. A few evaluators were disappointed by leadership issues, cost overruns and construction delays.