Nichole Reader

As TCU students, we hope to build upon the school’s mission and become ethical leaders in our community. Through the Nature of Giving course and the advice of guest speakers like the Jeff and Kelly Dillard, Ed Schollmaier, and John Robinson, we have learned of the importance of investing in our community through providing financial support, giving time and labor, and sharing our own expertise and passions. As the 2016 Nature of Giving class, we commit ourselves to giving our time and finances, while maintaining the mindsets of givers throughout our lives. Therefore, I pledge to donate 10% of my monthly personal income to a cause(s) of my choosing. I pledge to practice responsible philanthropy by conducting due diligence before giving to an organization. In addition to financial support, I commit myself to volunteering with organizations in order to foster personal relationships in the community. I will work to better the local and/or international community by establishing at least one partnership with a charitable organization. In order to remain actively engaged, I will review my donations and involvement annually. [I have chosen to sign the class giving pledge because this class has taught me a lot about the power of commitment and impact. I loved learning ideas throughout our semester about how to give, but have also loved ideas about how to give over time. I plan to put my money into a separate account, and donate to a cause when the numbers are high enough for impact. I love this idea because it keeps you in a constant state of giving, as well as shows you the power of saving over time. This pledge is broad enough to where all people can sign at a level that they are comfortable with, but also allows the freedom to donate to a cause of your choosing. I am excited for this pledge! (and nervous)]