Lauren Fowler

Since I was in third grade, I have always known that my life purpose was to give back. Unsure if this was in monetary value, time, or talent, I have known my greatest passion was to be a helper to those in need. In the Nature of Giving class, I have only been reconfirmed in my aspirations. I have learned the importance of not only giving, but in giving to a cause that I am passionate about and that will use my money wisely. My passions are social injustices and specifically within the international world. I am a bleeding heart for international crisis such as the refugee crisis, women equality in the Middle East, and orphans. I am committed to spending my time and money to make a difference in these topics. While in America, I pledge to give money and time to local refugee services. This is an international cause that I can have direct hand in while still living in the States. Whether this is me spending time mentoring a refugee, adopting a refugee, working for a refugee service, lending my talents to help in any way, or pledging 5% of my monthly income towards their services, this is where my giving will go towards. Also, I desire to grow my heart for giving to others. I do not want to give out of obligation, but to grow a heart for sacrificial giving and compassion for others. In order to do this, I pledge to give up one thing each month that I wanted to buy or do for myself. Instead, I will use the money or time I would have spent on myself and give it to an organization in my community. Hopefully a generation will rise behind me that is passionate about giving. If everyone gave what extra they had, the world would be a better place and I am confident in that.