Kyla Wilcher

As a TCU Honors student who was provided by various donors the opportunity to take the Nature of Giving colloquium, I feel a sense of duty to give back what I have been so generously given in terms of both time and finances. Therefore … 1. I hope to build upon TCU’s mission to become an ethical leader and responsible citizen in the global community. 2. I will invest in my community through providing financial support, giving my time and talents, and creating meaningful relationships with organization leaders. 3. I will practice giving throughout my life by establishing and maintaining at least one partnership with a charitable organization. 4. I pledge to donate a minimum of 10% of my annual personal income to a cause(s) of my choosing. 5. I pledge to share my experiences from this class with friends and family as a way of paying it forward. In order to remain actively engaged, I will review my donations and involvement annually.