Aubree Hutchinson

As TCU students, we hope to build upon the school’s mission and become ethical leaders in our community. Through the Nature of Giving course and the advice of guest speakers like the Jeff and Kelly Dillard, Ed Schollmaier, and John Robinson, we have learned of the importance of investing in our community through providing financial support, giving time and labor, and sharing our own expertise and passions. As the 2016 Nature of Giving class, we commit ourselves to giving our time and finances, while maintaining the mindsets of givers throughout our lives. Therefore, I pledge to donate 10% of my monthly personal income to a cause(s) of my choosing. I pledge to practice responsible philanthropy by conducting due diligence before giving to an organization. In addition to financial support, I commit myself to volunteering with organizations in order to foster personal relationships in the community. I will work to better the local and/or international community by establishing at least one partnership with a charitable organization. In order to remain actively engaged, I will review my donations and involvement annually. [At the beginning of discussing the giving pledge process, I wanted to write my own personal giving pledge tailored to my passions, my budget, and my purpose of giving. However, as the class continued to discuss our class pledge and adapt it to fulfill everyone’s giving pledge goals, I learned that many of my classmates have similar passions, budgets, and purposes of giving that I do. Therefore, I leaned more towards signing a pledge that the whole group came up with together. Then, as this final class pledge was revealed in class, it was exactly everything that I would have said in my own personal giving pledge. It has a personalized percentage for giving, it explains the many methods of giving (time, money, labor, etc.), and it embodies the mindset of a genuine “giver.” Because of this, I feel that this class pledge perfectly fits my giving pledge requirements. Furthermore, this giving pledge allows me to commit myself to a pledge given by a group of respectable, wonderful, loving, and purpose-driven classmates who I also consider friends. It is an honor to be a part of the same giving pledge as a group like this, and it will keep me accountable in my future giving endeavors. Therefore, I sign this giving pledge with enthusiasm and satisfaction.]