I will devote myself to giving based on the principles of time, talent, and treasure. Having been raised in a family with a mind and heart for others, I have been ingrained with the need and the desire to serve others. I believe I can utilize both my talents and my skill sets to make a positive impact on the community. Because of this inherent drive to serve the community, I pledge to give 5%+ of my income, beginning in 2019 with my first job as a lawyer. I also believe in the highly valuable talent and time interests one can devote to the community. In the case I am not able to devote 5%+ financially, I will replace that donation with the equivalent of my time and talent. To become connected and devoted to the community I am living in, I will develop a personal relationship with at least one organization. I view service as a holistic way of life – being a person for others by giving of that which is important to me, including resources and time. To ensure I am giving of my time, talent, and treasure in a way that both aligns with my values and benefits the community in a positive and needed area, I will evaluate my financial gifts and my community involvement each year. It is important to me to make sure I am doing good in the best way I can.