As two people who intend to spend the rest of their lives together as the McPhersons, it is important for us to consider our potential to impact others in the future. We have been blessed with more than enough and raised with similar values, as our families instilled the importance of service, giving and selflessness. Our hope is to carry these out throughout our lives, influencing our communities as well as our future family. Faith is the foundation of both our relationship and our motivation to give, as nothing we have truly belongs to us. We have been called to be good stewards, sharing with those who are in need. With this in mind, tithing 10 percent of our income will be our first priority. These funds will benefit not only our own church body, but also mission work throughout Fort Worth, Detroit and Brazil. As a young, soon to be married couple, we anticipate that our understanding of the world will continue to evolve as we experience it together, but our core values will remain the same. We will focus on giving to organizations who recognize the potential and worth of all people, empowering them to live fully and feel truly loved. Therefore, we pledge to donate 5 percent of our monthly personal income (in addition to our tithing) to the causes of our choosing. We pledge to practice responsible philanthropy by conducting due diligence before giving to an organization. In addition to financial support, we commit ourselves to volunteering with organizations in order to foster personal relationships in the community. We will work to better our local community by establishing at least one partnership with a charitable organization. In order to remain actively engaged, we will review our donations and involvement annually.