While giving has always been a part of my family and the way we lived our lives, it was never a part of my life specifically. I gave time to charitable causes, donated clothes that I no longer needed, and sent money to places in need, but none of this came from a place of personal obligation, rather it stemmed from a blind obedience to norms I never bothered to question. Signing this pledge is a way to signify a change in my mindset; to have purpose and commitment to my giving. My father and mother have striven to impart upon me two important characteristics, honesty and integrity. They stressed that honesty should not only be practiced in relation to others, but also to oneself, and emphasized the importance of self-reflection in all aspects of life. Integrity then is the application of that honesty. After progressing through the Nature of Giving course load and conducting detailed discussion, research, and analysis on nearly 100 charitable organizations, I have learned that giving is hard and that giving well is harder. I also realized that in order to be honest with myself I was no longer content to give blindly or without purpose. In order to keep my integrity I commit to the following statements. As of signing this pledge I will donate 5% of my monthly personal income to a cause(s) of my choosing. I am not allowed to lower the percentage of giving, only increase it. If I am unable or unwilling to donate that percentage, I am required to donate the equivalent amount of time at a rate of $18 per hour, the rate I earned while working in college. I also pledge to commit myself to establishing a close relationship with at least one charitable organization within my local community. All aspects of this pledge are subject to a yearly review in order to remain committed to my pledge.