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Baylor UniversityFall 2014Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Civic Education and Community ServiceAndrew Hogue28 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2015Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Civic Education and Community ServiceAndrew Hogue20 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2015Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue21 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2016Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue19 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2017Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue15 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2018Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceCharles McDaniel16 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2018Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue20 students
Baylor UniversitySpring 2019Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue16 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2019Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue, Jeremy Vickers, Holly Burchett18 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2020Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceJeremy Vickers, Holly Burchett16 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2021Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceHector Sabido, Harris House19 students
Baylor UniversityFall 2016Philanthropy & the Public GoodDepartments: Philanthropy & Public ServiceAndrew Hogue19 students

Philanthropy & the Public Good
Taught by Jeremy Vickers, Holly Burchett, Andy Hogue
Department of Philanthropy & Public Service

Jeremy Vickers serves as the Associate Vice President of External Affairs at Baylor University where he leads institutional events, community relations, and external affairs. Jeremy previously served as a Dean at Dallas Baptist University, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at UT Dallas and in various community leadership and entrepreneurship roles across Dallas/Fort Worth. Throughout his career Jeremy has helped to found a half dozen nonprofits, served on a dozen nonprofit boards, and been a speaker on topics in innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership across Texas. Jeremy received his Bachelor’s at Baylor University, Master’s at SMU’s Cox School of Business, and his Ph.D. in Public Affairs at UT Dallas. Jeremy lives in Waco, TX with his wife, Dr. Jackie Vickers, and four children.

Holly Burchett is the Director of Community Relations at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where she oversees the Solid Gold Neighbor Initiative where they are inspired to lead, engage, support and celebrate the collective impact of Waco and Baylor. Holly received her Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University and a Master of Communication Sciences and Disorders from the Callier Center at The University of Texas at Dallas.

She spent 16 years serving major hospital networks in acute and critical care environments. Additionally, she is an active member in the Association of Junior League International and recently served as the local president and chairman of the board for the Junior League of Waco as a non-profit focusing on early childhood education. These experiences uniquely equip her to serve on several non-profit boards that have a focus on education and health where she can not only offer her experience as an active community member but provide her expertise as a Speech Language Pathologist.

Holly currently serves on the boards of the YMCA of Waco McLennan County, World Hunger Relief Inc, Mayborn Museum Board of Advocates, and The Waco Mammoth Site Foundation Board. She resides in Woodway, Texas with her husband Matt Burchett, PhD and their three children Ethan, Madeline and Micah.

Andy Hogue serves as Associate Dean for Engaged Learning in the College of Arts & Sciences at Baylor University, where his office focuses on programs in undergraduate research, civic engagement, study abroad, internships, and major fellowships and awards.  He teaches courses on a range of public affairs, including philanthropy and civil society, social innovation, and politics.

Andy pursues research interests related to how we pursue the public good, and he is author of two books: Navigating the Future: Traditioned Innovation for Wilder Seas (out later this year) and Stumping God: Reagan, Carter, and the Invention of a Political Faith.  He is presently at work on a third, titled Mindful, Strategic Generosity: Modest Ideas for a Better Public Life.

Andy earned a BA from Clemson University, an MA and PhD from Baylor, and completed the executive program in design thinking at Stanford.

The class gives formal presentations at end of each semester to the Solid Gold Neighbor Advisory Council and guests (Magnolia Foundation, Aramark Giving Council)

Students write handwritten thank you letters to donors

Three phase grant-making process

  • Phase 1: students work independently to nominate 4 orgs each (68 total)
  • Phase 2: students narrow to 27 orgs and work in teams of 1-2 (three orgs for each student) to further research/present orgs to Board
  • Phase 3: students narrow to 8 orgs and work in teams of 4-5 (two orgs for each student) to further research/present orgs to Board, write briefing books

Skype interview with org leader (in place of site visit) if org is NOT in Waco

Students write final Capstone Essay (includes “philanthropic ethic” which is like a giving goal – how they plan to be philanthropic moving forward)

Final Board meeting

  • First session in class
  • Second session later that night – meet as long as it takes to make decisions

7 “Discussion Points” throughout semester

  • Assignments based on class readings – to prep for class discussion

Preform a “Project Premortem” – a method that helps teams identify risks at the outset of the course.

Asks students to meet the level of professionalism in the class by dressing in business or business-casual attire each week.


Latest News

January 20, 2021

Seven Community Nonprofits Receive $90,000 in Grants Through Baylor’s Philanthropy and the Public Good Class

September 10, 2020

Baylor students study community needs, award grants to 12 nonprofits

September 10, 2020

Baylor’s unique ‘philanthropy lab’ raises awareness of this community’s needs

Student Testimonials

This course helped to differentiate charity and philanthropy in my mind. Initially, I understood philanthropy to be a non-sustainable, charitable gift that helped temporarily; however, I now understand that great philanthropy leads to sustainable life transformation.

Jack SteadmanBaylor University

The lessons learned through this course go beyond academics and into the arenas of morality, ethics, and religion. I am honored to have been a part of this endeavor and I hope that many after me have the chance to take this course as well.

Audrey MirasolaBaylor University

My view on generosity has changed because of this course, and I now know I’ll be a better steward of my time, talent, and treasure moving forward. This is one of the only classes I’ve had at Baylor that I can confidently say has changed me as a person. Thank you for making that possible.

Jordan GriffinBaylor University

Our class learned so much about how important it is to give to those less fortunate than us, communicating respectfully in a board setting, and determining how to do the most good with what we have been blessed with, all while looking deeper into what it takes to make a non-profit organization successful. I am so honored for this experience, and I thank you so much for your generosity in allowing us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Bailey HavisBaylor University

My own philanthropic outlook has been challenged and strengthened through this course, and I look forward to watching Baylor and Waco continue to be made better as I did the same.

Corryn SloanBaylor University

Personally I have discovered how much I have to offer and what an impact that I can make on my community.

Ben LeBlancBaylor University

From researching non-profits in Waco to visiting them in person, I gained a new understanding about the world of non-profits and the incredible work being done in Waco to serve the people in our city.

Kiersten AalfsBaylor University